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  • South-East European Cooperation Network
    Platform for regional cooperation


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About SEENet

About SeeNet
South East European Network

South-East European Cooperation Network:
Platform for regional cooperation

The countries from the South-Еeast Europe all share the aspiration of being part of a United Europe. Some have already been able to become members of the European Union, while others are still on the road to integration. They are also united in their ambition to enhance security and resilience, in order to cope with the various security threats and challenges, be they old or new. Countries also share the goal of providing prosperity and resilient democracy for their people, and the region itself. This is why regional cooperation provides an important mechanism of achieving these goals.

Thus, Non-governmental organizations and Think-tanks from South-East Europe, and their partners, are uniting in an informal network – South-East European Cooperation Network - SEENet as an opportunity of them to enhance and develop cooperation, coordinate activities, exchange opinions and address the challenges facing the region and individual countries.

The basis for the informal network of the organizations from the South-East Europe and partners is its charter, which defines the principles, objectives and directions of action.

We are certain that our joint efforts will be a valuable contribution to a stable and prosperous South-East Europe.


1. About SEENet

SEENet is a network of non-governmental organizations and think-tanks from South East Europe and partners which share a common vision for the stable, democratic, and peaceful development of the region based on the European values and principles.

The network is not an independent organization, but rather an informal platform for joint work, communication, and cooperation. The platform provides participating organizations with the opportunity for closer cooperation, to share ideas, experience and good practices, to publish materials, co-organize events, participate in common projects, among other.

The goals of SEENet are to strengthen regional cooperation, encourage friendship between peoples, and enhance ethnic and religious tolerance.

Through SEENet organizations aspire to develop closer cooperation between participating organizations in order to analyze the security risks in the region and to propose decisions both on national and regional level. Through the network, participating organizations contribute to the development of the region as part of United Europe.

Participating organizations cooperate to analyze and overcome risks and challenges that countries in the region face, among which are the migration crisis, terrorism, organized crime, religious and ethnic intolerance, financial and economic problems, corruption, interstate disputes, etc. The organizations strive to mediate in addressing the security challenges in the region.

SEENet aims at facilitating organizations to share ideas, exchange good practices and expertise, develop common projects, and invite each other to participate in events.

Participation in SEENet does not preclude any other forms and possibilities for cooperation and common work. The organizations will promote in their relations the principles of tolerance, mutual respect and understanding.

SEENet is open to all NGOs and think tanks from South East Europe, which share the vision, values, and goals set above. European Organizations outside the region are also welcome to join if they have expertise and strong interest in the area of research, as well as share the principles, common vision and values of the network.

Participation in SEENet does not require financial contributions.

To become a member of SEENet, organizations will be invited to send a filled in registration form to the project-coordinator – Sofia Security Forum, which will be accepted as statement of acceptance of the charter its goals and principles.


2. Web-based Information Platform (WIP)

To facilitate the cooperation a web-based information platform is created. All participating organizations have equal and open-data access to it. The platform provides, among other, the following:

  1. Information about each participating organization
  2. Publications, analyses and articles of participating and partnering organizations.
  3. Information about events, organized by participating organizations, which focus on issues related to the SEE.
  4. Interactive discussion between participating organizations on important for the regional security issues.
  5. Video or audio materials on issues related to the regional security.
  6. To create own discussion or to participate in initiated discussion on important regional issues.

Each participating organization will have access to the WIP and will be able to upload its own materials. The overall responsibility for the content of the material lies with the organization which uploads materials and is non-binding to other organizations in SEENet, following the principles stated above.